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At the Studio Diagnostico Eco the nuchal translucency screening is conducted by Dr. Claudio Lombardi, radiologist (curriculum)

The certificate of competence in pregnancy ultrasound was obtained in 1980, when these activities were first introduced in Vimercate (Milano) Italy

Nuchal translucency examinations were introduced in 2002, following long formative years at King’s College Hospital in London, where the method was pioneered.

Dr. Claudio Lombardi received the Fetal Medicine Foundation Diploma and certificates of competence (nuchal translucency,nasal bone,facial angle,truscupide flow,ductus venosus , uterine artery ,certificate of competence in 20-22 weeks scan), which allow him to perform this most important and decisive procedure to the highest level.

Having obtained the Diploma in fetal echocardiography at Kings’ College in 2009, he has built here, together with other researchers working under Prof. K. Nicolaides’s supervision, a research project on diagnosis of cardiac diseases at the same time as the nuchal translucency screening.

For the first trimester study, a particular ultrasound was adapted (including for the ultrasound scan images available on this website)

The results have been documented in a wide range of publications on this pathology, which represents the primary cause of death for fetus’s with fetal anomalies.

Since 2010 he has been a supervisor at the Fetal Medicine Foundation’s world congresses.






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