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At 12 weeks, even the smallest details of the fetus can be analyzed... However one can also raise questions on its reliability!

Can fetal sex be recognized during morphology ultrasaund at 12 weeks?

Although during first trimester scan, couples are more keen to find out if everything is progressing well with the pregnancy, once they feel reassured they will almost always ask this question.

At 12 weeks, the external appearance of the genitals is rather ambiguous. This is mostly because the size of the female clitoris (left pictures) is the same as that of the penis.

This external physiological ambiguity is only momentary and is gradually resoved in subsequent weeks.

Female                   Male


Genitalia at 12 weeks


The picture illustrates the problem of ultrasound in the I trimester. There is generally a discussion among pregnant women about having been told the sex of the baby at 12 weeks; however most are told that the baby is a boy!


In 50% of cases this is correct.



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